A place where children flourish

When you walk through our doors, your family is invited into a vibrant, welcoming learning community where children 3 months through 5 years are happy, have friends, develop self-confidence, & learn everything to succeed in grade school.  With over three decades of experience, no other early childhood center can match our combination of caring, expertise, modern facilities & huge offerings.  We strive to ensure that your child enjoys the best possible learning & developmental experience.
We give you flexibility
At the SYJCC we understand that there are challenges in raising a family & managing everyone’s busy schedules.  We give you the flexibility to schedule your children according to your family’s needs.  For your convenience, we offer extensive hours- open from 6:30 am to 6 pm, five days a week, including many school holidays.  You can choose from:

  • Programs- 12 months or 10 month (school) Calendar
  • Days 2,3,4, or 5 days
  • Hours-2 ½, 4 ½, 8-11 ½
  • You can even add a day when needed

No need to prepare lunch; it’s provided to your child

Our philosophy

An active learning environment
Recent studies have confirmed what we have known for years – preschool children learn best through active exploration rather than drills & memorization.  Visualize your child making friends during circle time, learning new words in a story, mixing colors while painting, experimenting in a science lab, clicking icons on a computer or Smart Board, playing in the tumbling room & more…..

Infant & Toddler Curriculum (3 months – 24 months)

It’s never too early to begin developing a child’s identity.

  • Self-concept development: Children learn about themselves, feel valued & secure in their relationships, feel competent & proud about what they can do, feel supported as they express their independence.
  • Emotional development: Children learn about their feelings, communicate a broad range of emotions through gestures, sounds, & over time, words.
  • Social Development: Children learn about others, develop trusting relationships with nurturing adults, show interest in peers, demonstrate caring & cooperation, try roles & relationships through imitation & play.
  • Language Development: Children learn how to communicate, express needs & thoughts without using words, respond to verbal & non-verbal commands & communicate through language.
  • Physical Development: Children learn about moving & doing, develop gross motor skills & fine motor skills, coordinate eye & hand movements, & develop self-help skills.
  • Cognitive Development: Children acquire thinking skills, gain an understanding of basic concepts & relationships, apply knowledge to new situations & develop strategies for solving problems.

 In The Infant Room

We are attuned to your infant’s needs
Your baby has a special place at the SYJCC with a personal crib & cubby, along with age-appropriate toys, games, books, & music.  We provide a rich sensory landscape with soft spaces, low surfaces & colorful objects for safe & stimulating exploration.  Each room include a rocking chair to create a nurturing place for gentle interactions & a soothing area for bottle feeding.  We also take frequent outdoor walks so your baby can enjoy the natural world stimulating his or her senses.  We are attuned to your infant’s needs: holding, feeding, changing, cuddling, playing, or talking with your baby throughout the day.

We work together
We will give you daily reports about your baby’s day & we welcome your involvement as well as your insights on how we can work together to make this the best experience for your baby.

Safety & cleanliness are paramount
In the diaper area teachers follow written sanitary procedures including replacing the changing table liner after every change, wearing fresh gloves & washing hands immediately before & after diaper changes.

In the Toddler Room

Nurturing teachers support each child’s exploration & learning
Your toddler will enjoy stories & books, dabble in art, experiment with make believe, play with educational toys, explore sand & water, have fun with music & movement, & benefit from time outdoors.  Toddlers are experiential learners & all these experiences promote your child’s curiosity, language development, social, emotional, & cognitive skills.

We continually promote positive behavior & values
We begin character education with toddlers & continue to promote positive behavior with children throughout the preschool years.  Our teachers build on the experiences your toddler has at home modeling & teaching values like kindness & compassion, within the context of our classroom community to help each child develop these attributes as they learn to relate to others in positive ways.

Build independence
Toddlers are encouraged to learn self-help skills such as drinking independently from a sippy cup, using utensils properly & helping clean up.  Teachers will be helping your children become proficient in these skills which will foster self-confidence & self-esteem while increasing independence.
2-5 Year Old Curriculum
Early childhood education is an integrated system designed to ensure that each child receives a healthy start & attains the skills & concepts to have a successful academic experience in developmentally-appropriate programs.  The SYJCC recognizes that children develop at different rates & that instruction will be individualized as necessary to meet specific needs.  Children are active learners that require intentional planning to promote rich learning experiences that involve participation, involve multiple contexts, & engage the senses while exploring the learning environment.  Children learn in the context of interactions & relationships with family members, caregivers, teachers, & other children in their immediate environment & in their community.  At the SYJCC we encourage daily communication between caregivers & center staff, & our doors are always open.
Five distinct but interrelated domains of the NY State Pre-kindergarten Standards include:

  1. Approaches to learning
  2. Physical Development & Health
  3. Social & Emotional Development
  4. Communications, Language, & Literacy
  5. Cognition & Knowledge of the World-Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, & the Arts

Mathematics in the pre-kindergarten curriculum incorporates key common core elements that set the foundation for future success.  Such areas of concentration include:

  • Counting & Cardinality
  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Measurement & Data
  • Geometry

Activities that promote these concepts include cooking, matching games, puzzles, & other classroom events that may seem fun but are really math skills needed to succeed in school.

English Language arts & literacy in the pre-kindergarten curriculum concentrate on the following:

  •                 Reading Standards for literature
  •                 Reading Standards for Informational Text
  •                 Reading Standards- Foundational Skills
  •                 Writing Standards
  •                 Speaking & Listening Standards
  •                 Language Standards

Weekly special include Swimming, Physical Education, Music & Movement, Library, & S.T.E.M. Lab: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Teachers & school administrators tell us that SYJCC graduates arrive well prepared to excel in school both academically & socially. 

In the 2-5 Year Old Classroom

  • Each child is unique

Our classrooms are communities for children of all backgrounds & our teachers are involved with your child every moment of the school day- instructing, interacting, guiding, observing, & assessing.  They also take the time to discover what’s unique & special about each child because we believe children need to feel accepted & appreciated in order to thrive.

  • Structure & routines

Teachers establish structure for each day including a daily schedule because young children depend on routines to help them organize & master new ideas, sensations & challenges.

  • Children learn best when they have fun

The classroom itself is well organized with labeled materials that invite children to explore & discover.  We know children learn best when they are having a good time, so we have designed the classroom with clearly defined interest areas where children can do what they like to do most. Interest areas consist of dramatic play, sand & water, computers, blocks, music & movement, library, math & science, language arts, writing & tracing.

  • Opportunities to work in small & large groups & independently, indoors & out

The interest areas subdivide the classroom into spaces that accommodate a few children at a time where they can best concentrate in a small group setting.  Children also have several opportunities to work in large groups & independently.  In addition, each class spends time outdoors, weather permitting, they can participate in running, jumping, climbing, & playing; because outdoor play is just as important as time spent in the classroom.

  • Full day program is beneficial

Recent studies show that many benefits exist for 2-5-year-olds who attend full-day programs, not the least of which is greater school success in later years.  Our optional full day schedule allows children & teachers more time together to explore topics & projects in depth, provides for greater continuity of day to day activities & gives children more opportunities for positive social interaction with their peers in our classroom community.
What is great fun for a child is a carefully planned approach to help your him/her develop the social, physical, & academic skills so essential for school & for life. 


Fun with Phonics
Ages: 4
Dates: Tuesday, February 28-May 23; 2-3pm
Does your four-year-old need some extra practice with letter recognition & sound association? This fun one-hour program, taught by an experienced Pre-K teacher / reading specialist will be varied with puzzles, books & more.  Your child will be exposed to many different activities reinforcing letters & sounds.  He or she will be making an alphabet booklet to use at home.
Fees: SYJCC Members $117, Non-Members $200
Register: 631.462.9800
Locations:  SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Little Chefs
Ages: 3&4
Dates: Monday, February 27-May 22; 2-3pm
Little chefs gain confidence as they participate independently in the kitchen.  Counting & measuring, as well as ingredient experimentation, make math & science a natural part of every lesson.  This is an independent participation class.
Fees: SYJCC Members $175, Non-Members $200
Register: 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Leap into Literacy
Ages: 4
Dates: Monday, February 27-May 22; 2-3pm
This program is for the four year old child who enjoys books, games, and rhymes involving letters and word families. Your child will be emerged in a variety of activities/projects involving the basic pre-literacy skills taught by an experienced Pre-K teacher/reading specialist.
Fee:  SYJCC Members $175, Non-Members $200
Register: 631-462-9800
Location:  SY JCC Early Childhood Center

Ages: 3 & 4
Dates: Thursday, March 2- May 25; 2-3pm
The preschool age is the perfect time to introduce a Spanish curriculum. At no other time in a child’s life is he/she as eager & capable of learning at a high rate of speed than during the ages of 3-7 years. Studies show that learning a second language comes easily & naturally. All classes are designed to provide children with innovative ways of learning while at the same time promoting fun.
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Creative Art
Ages: 3 & 4
Dates: Friday, March 3 – May 26; 2-3 pm
Art experiences contribute to children’s artistic & creative development with a wide range of skills in other areas including perceptual, cognitive, language, & social skills. In this class, we will utilize many different materials & textures to create our very own unique “works of art”.
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Ages: 3 & 4
Dates: Friday, March 3 – May 26; 2-3pm
This program is designed to provide children basics of Hebrew while they are most ready to assimilate the information. We will utilize games, songs & puzzles to create an educational & fun way of learning.
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Kid’s Yoga
Ages: 3 – 4
Dates: Wednesday, March 1 – May 24; 2-3 pm
Why yoga? Incorporating yoga into your child’s experiences improves concentration & focus, enhances creativity, & improves confidence, relieves anxiety & improves academic performance.  Children of all abilities, including children with ADHD, improve listening & learning skills & enhance self-awareness & strengthen self-esteem.
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center


Ages: 3-10mo.
Dates: Monday, February 27-May 22; 10:15-11am
Program Description:  A program for parent & baby involving exercises including crawling, rocking & rolling along with songs & play.
Fee: SYJCC members $175, Non-Members $200. Free demo 1st class.
How to Register: Please Call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Ages: 11-18mo.
Dates: Monday, February 27-May 22; 11:15am-12pm
Program Description: Bring your toddler to a place where he/she can climb, run, jump & learn the basics of tumbling in a safe, cheerful environment.
Fee: SYJCC members $175, Non-Members $200. Free demo 1st class.
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Intro to Independence
Ages: 18 – 30mo.
Dates: Tuesday, February 28 – May 23; 10:15-11:45am
Program Description: Children will enjoy activities & free play in a warm & loving atmosphere that gently introduces them to separation in a preschool setting (45 minutes with your child, 45 minutes without).
Fee: SYJCC Members $265 Non-Members $300
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Wiggle, Jiggle & Move
Ages: 6 – 12mo.
Dates: Wednesday, March 1- May 24; 11:15am-12pm
Program Description: Move & groove with your baby! We tumble, blow bubbles, make new friends & more!
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Romp & Roll
Ages: 12 – 24mo.
Dates: Wednesday, March 1- May 24; 10:15-11am
Program Description: Your toddler, with you as a guide, will use equipment such as climbing ramps, mats & balancing boards that are age & size appropriate to practice newly acquired skills.
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Wee Got the Beat
Ages: 6 – 12mo.
Dates: Thursday, March 2 – May 25; 11:15am-12pm
Program Description: Little ones & their grown-ups will be led through a developmentally engaging class of musical fun!
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

Organized Chaos
Ages: 12 – 24mo.
Dates:  Thursday, March 2 – May 25; 10:15-11am
Program Description: Help your child develop motor & social skills & encourage self-confidence through play with their new friends.
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215. Free demo 1st class.
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center

New Parent, New Baby
Ages: Birth – 6mo.
Dates: Friday, March 3 – May 26; 10:15-11am
Program Description: Something for you & your new baby. Come meet other new parents & share your stories while making new friends.
Fee: SYJCC Members $195, Non-Members $215. Free demo 1st class.
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800
Location: SYJCC Early Childhood Center


Afterschool Program:
Ages: 5 – 21
Date: Monday – Friday, School Year
Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Program description: Our afterschool program stresses group interaction & socialization skills as well as individual gains in motor skills, speech, language, & independent living skills. A typical day could include homework help, cooking classes, art projects, gym time, gardening, swimming, fitness, & vocational training. Emunah runs from 3:00pm to 6:00pm Mondays – Thursdays & from 3:00pm – 5:30pm on Fridays. The Butler Special Needs Center follows the Commack School District calendar. If school is not in session, there will also be no afterschool program that day.
Fees: Based on how many days per week, Member /Non-Member

Days Per Week                 Member              Non-Member

5                                              $304                       $345

4                                              $281                       $310

3                                              $260                       $280

2                                              $195                       $220

1                                              $112                       $125

How to register: Contact Elizabeth Haft at 631.462.9800 ext. 142 or
Location: Room 27

Winter Recess Vacation Programs:
Ages: 5-25
Times: 9am-3pm
Fees: SYJCC Members $65/day, Non-Members $85/day
*Extended hours are available from 8am-9am & 3 pm- 6pm,
Fees: no charge for Emunah participants, $5/hour for members, $7/hour for non-members

All programs include gym time and swimming, lunch break- bring your own lunch

Tuesday, February 21st
National Circus Project
Circus show followed by a workshop with the performers where they will learn juggling, plate spinning, devil stick and more.

Wednesday, February 22nd
Art and Soul Studios
Art Therapy Workshop

Thursday, February 23rd 
Gary the Great
Gary The Great will entertain us with his magic and comedy show. Learn tricks that you can take home and perform for friends and family.

Weekend Programs:
Life Skills Club
Ages: 15 – 25
Date: Sunday- 1/22, 2/5, 3/5, 4/23, 5/7, 6/4
Time: 10:30am – 12:00 noon
Program description: A program for teens & young adults looking to increase independence & prepare to enter the workforce. Participants will learn & practice pre-vocational / vocational skills, ADL’s & basic cooking skills. Participants will be encouraged & aided in socializing with their peers & advocating for their needs.
Fees: Y Members $150, Non-Members $180
How to register: Current Emunah / Weekend Program participants – please register with customer service. New participants – please contact Elizabeth Haft, 631.462.9800 ext. 142 or
Location: Room 27

Butler Special Needs
Saturday Night Teen Lounge
Ages: 12 – 21
Date: Saturdays- 1/21, 2/4, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 4/1, 4/22, 5/6, 5/20, 6/3
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Program description: Join us for a night of fun! At Teen Lounge, we swim, play video games, shoot hoops, create arts & crafts, watch a movie, & more!
Fees: Y Members $20, Non-Members $30
How to register: Please register by signing up at the customer service desk.
Location: Room 10

Butler Special Needs Center: Teen & Tween Social Group
Date: Sundays- 1/22, 2/5, 2/26, 3/5, 4/23, 5/7, 5/21, 6/4
Time: 12:00-1:30pm
Ages: 12-21
Program Description: Join our recreational group for teens & tweens (ages 12-21) with learning differences & special needs.  Led by trained staff, participants will build social, self-advocacy & effective communication skills while engaged in recreational activities with others. Activities include gym & swim.
Fees: Priced per session: Y members-$20/session     Non-Members- $25/session

Butler Special Needs
Sunday Lunch Bunch
Ages: 12 – 21
Date: Sundays 1/22, 2/5, 2/26, 3/5, 4/23, 5/7, 5/21, 6/4
Time: 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Program description: Join us for lunch! We will help prepare a delicious lunch to enjoy as a group. Participants learn to clean, cook, & work together as a team.
Fees: Y Members $20, Non-Members $25
* Please note that there is a 20% discount for Emunah members
How to register: Please register by signing up at the customer service desk.
Location: Room 24

Movement for Teens & Tweens
Ages: 12-21
Dates: TBD
Times: TBD
Programs Description: A 90-minute session will have your teenager’s feet moving & heart pumping!  The activities that compose each session range from easy to follow Zumba routines, to yoga & jogging!
Fees: Y Members- $20 / class, Non-members- $25 / class
20% off for Emunah Participants


Junior Division Enrichment Classes:

For all programs, please contact customer service to register.  Contact Rebecca Oyer, at 631.462.9800 ext. 129 or for more information.

Program locations vary by day.

Double Dutch Sunday
Ages: K – Grade 5
Dates: 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26
Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm
Program description: One of America’s favorite pastimes is coming back! Come learn how to Double Dutch with Erica Dantzler, a 2 time world champion and extra in Disney’s “Jump In.” As children progress they will learn tricks and techniques –no experience necessary! Because Double Dutch stresses both collaborative and individual performance, participants learn to work together while gaining confidence.
Fees: SYJCC Members: $40 Non-Members: $45

Dance Combo Thursday
Ages: K – Grade 5
Dates: 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4
Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm
Program description:
Join our dance instructor, Laura Gautsche, on Thursdays for a combination of hip-hop, tap, and ballet. Your dance star will learn hip hop and classical dance moves. During the last class, you may watch as the dancers hit the stage for their recital.
Fees: SYJCC Members: $180 Non-Members: $200

Splash Ball Monday
Ages: 7-12
Dates: 01/09, 01/16, 01/23, 01/30, 02/06, 02/13, 02/20, 02/27, 03/06, 03/13
Time: 4:30pm
Program description: An introduction to water polo for children ages 7-12. Join our inaugural class at a fraction of the cost. To be eligible to participate, children should be able to: back float, tread water, and front crawl.
Fees: SYJCC Members $84, Non-Members $167

Mad Science Tuesday
Ages: K – Grade 5
Dates: TBD
Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm
Program description: Mad Science, the world’s leader in fun science for children, brings their exciting program to the Suffolk Y. In this 6 Session class you will learn about: Fantastic Flyers, Super Structures and Under Pressure.
Fees: TBD
(minimum 12 -maximum 20)

Martial Arts Friday
Ages: K – Grade 5
Dates: 3/3, 3/10,3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/7, 4/21
Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm
Program description: This beginner’s martial arts class will teach your Karate Kid self-defense basics while having a blast! An experienced instructor from the United Studios of Self Defense will help your child to build strength, balance, agility, and flexibility. In addition, he/she will develop better study habits, self-confidence, perseverance, respect, self-control and so much more!
Fees: SYJCC Members: $115, Non-Members: $130

Broadway Dance
Ages: Grades 7 – 12
Date: 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23, 11/30, 12/7
Time: 5pm – 6pm
Program description: This is an exciting class that explores the world of acting & dancing. We’ll venture through popular shows from Broadway’s past & present & learn classic styles of dance inspired by Broadway choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Susan Stroman & more. Prepare to learn, grow, & enjoy fun musical theater pieces.
Fees: Y Members $120, Non-Members $150
How to register: in person at the registration desk or over the phone with a credit card.

Babysitting Training Course
Ages: Grades 6 – 9
Date: November 13th & 20th
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Program description: This course will teach you how to diaper, swaddle & play age appropriate games with children. You will learn about possible situations that can arise while babysitting & how to safely handle them. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate & be placed on SYJCC’s  preferred babysitter list.
Fees: Y Members $80, Non-Members $95
How to register: in person at the registration desk or over the phone with a credit card.


Ages: Kindergarten to 8th grade
Date: The length of the school year, September – June
Time: 7:00 am – 9:30am (AM Kidsplace), 2:30 – 6:00pm (PM Kidsplace)
Program Description: Kidsplace is a fun, & safe recreational program for children before school & after school.  Your child will play with friends & enjoy swim, sports, arts & crafts, HW help, & much more! Breakfast, snacks, & transportation are provided at no additional charge, & you will be eligible for certain enrichment classes & vacation programs at a reduced cost.

*Please note that there is a 10% discount applied to families who sign up multiple siblings.  How to register: Please register by signing up at the customer service desk.
Location: Location varies by age, call Rebecca Oyer 631.462.9800 ext. 129 for details.


with a 45 minute break for lunch.

SUNDAY – June 4th
Algebra I Common Core
Algebra II Common Core
Geometry Common Core
Global History & Geography
US History & Government

SUNDAY – June 11th
Earth Science
Living Environment
Global History & Geography
US History & Government

SUNDAY – June 18th


Is lunch provided?
Lunch is not provided. may order lunch for a small fee from the SYJCC’s new cafe “Chickchak” located within room 8. Students may also bring lunch and rooms will
be provided for students during the break or they may eat on the lawn outside the SYJCC, weather permitting.

How will I know what room the class is in?
Course rosters will be posted in the SYJCC main lobby with room numbers and arrows directing students to the classroom.

Who are the teachers and what are their qualifications?
All instructors are NYS Certified Teachers at the high school level who work in districts throughout Long Island and NYC.

What materials are needed?
Students should come prepared with 2 or more pencils, lunch, calculator for Math & Science along with a Baron’s Review book for the specific subject being reviewed.

What is covered during the class?
Students will take sample regents exams and review the results. There will be time for Q&A along with learning new test taking techniques. Students will receive tailored tutoring based on their needs.

How do I register for a course?
Register over the phone with a credit card by calling the SYJCC at 631-462-9800. Registration can also be accepted in person at the SYJCC registration desk.

When is the registration desk open?
The registration desk is open during the following hours: Sunday 9am-6:30pm, Monday 8:30am-7:30pm, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 8:30am-
6:30pm, Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. The registration desk is closed on Saturday.

What is needed when registering?
Tell us the course and your child’s current subject average.

Can my child make a request to be in class with a friend?
Grouping requests will not be accepted. Students are grouped by their current course average.

How are children grouped if multiple classes are being offered in the same subject?
We group participants by current average in course of study. If only one session is being offered, children of varying levels will be in class together.

To guarantee a spot in any class, register ASAP.
To register, please call The SYJCC Registration Desk at (631) 462-9800 x 107 or 133


Birthday Parties
Date: Sunday
Time: 2 hours
Program description: Celebrate your child’s birthday at SYJCC  with some great party options. Birthday parties include up to 20 children, ice cream cake from Baskin & Robbins, 15 latex balloons, paper goods & party favors.  Party options include: Pool, Gym or Crafts.
Fees: Y Members $400 Non-Members: $475
How to register: Call Ron Hayden @ 631.462.9800 ext. 120  4-6 weeks in advance of your requested date.
Location: SYJCC


TASC is a community service & leadership program designed for students in grades 8-12.

Upon acceptance into the program, 8th & 9th graders will be trained to volunteer in a variety of settings at the SYJCC including after school programs for children & children with special needs.  There will be monthly meetings, which will provide leadership training & opportunities for social interactions with other volunteers.  There is a commitment of 25 hours of service required for all participants.

10th-12th graders who are accepted into the program will have to complete 25 hours of volunteer work within the programs at the SYJCC, receive leadership training & attend workshops relevant to teens.  In addition, these volunteers will be involved in community service projects with the SYJCC’s Hands on Huntington NNORC program providing the senior population with assistance in yard work, technology & more.

To apply for TASC, please contact Ron Hayden at


Mid-Winter Recess Holiday Programs
Ages: K-8
Date: (Most school holiday closings) February 20th-24th
Time: 9am-3pm
Program Description: Your answer to what to do with your child during school break.  Children are grouped by age & participate in a number of activities including, day trips, assembly programs, gym activities, swim & crafts.
Fees: Y Members $65 Non-Members $85 – Families with children in the Monter Early Childhood Center or Kidsplace receive 20% off each program.
How to register: in person at the registration desk or over the phone with a credit card
Location: SYJCC

Click Here for a full list of Mid-Winter Recess Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs Extended Day
Ages: K-8
Date:  February 20th-24th
Time: 8am-9am & 3pm-6pm
Program Description: Need some extra coverage for your child during school break? Sign up for extended day to add to the holiday program experience.
Fees: Y Members $5/hr., Non-Members $6/hr.
How to register: In person at the registration desk or over the phone with a credit card
Locations: SYJCC


Ages: 6 months to 8-year-olds
Date: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
Time: 9:00 – Noon
Program Description:  Free babysitting for SYJCC members only with advance registration.
Fee: Complimentary
How to Register: Please call 631.462.9800 Ext. 228


Name of program: Kids Night Out
K – 5
Date: 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, 12/10, 1/7, 2/11, 3/18, 4/29, 6/10
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Program Description: Wear your pajamas & get ready for a fun night of gym time, arts & crafts, a movie with popcorn & more.
Fees: Y Members $20, Non-Members $30
How to Register: in person at the registration desk or over the phone with a credit card
Location: SYJCC

Name of program: Kids Night Out
Grades 6 – 9
Date: 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, 12/10, 1/7, 2/11, 3/18, 4/29, 6/10
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Program Description: Once a month have SYJCC gym to yourself. Play organized games of basketball, whiffle ball, soccer, volleyball & more. Refreshments provided.
Fees: FREE if a younger sibling is attending Kids Night Out K – 5, otherwise Y Members $5, Non-Members $10
How to Register: in person at the registration desk or over the phone with a credit card
Location: SYJCC


Inspiring Hope for Families Living with Cancer
According to the National Cancer Institute, 24% of adults diagnosed with cancer have one or more children under the age of 18. This equates to nearly 3 million children in the United States living with a parent diagnosed with cancer. Patients with young children face even greater challenges with frequent separation, diminished levels of energy, financial hardship, & physical changes in a parent’s appearance due to the unwelcomed side effects of most treatments. Cancer robs a child of the chance to “just be a kid.” Kamp Hope provides opportunities for a positive, safe, supportive & fun day that lifts the spirits of the entire family.

Mission Statement:
Dedicated to families with children who are impacted by a parent’s diagnosis of cancer, Kamp Hope provides no-cost, year-round fun family programs designed to make memories, provide respite & inspire hope.

Kamp Hope’s goal is to ensure every member of the family feels less isolated & more connected through a network of support & recreational services.

For more information, or to make a tax-deductible financial gift, please contact Nancy Briel: or 631.462.9800 ext. 118.