Quality and affordable programs for infants, toddlers, children, and families.

  • The Monter Early Childhood Center provides flexible and affordable daycare/preschool programs for infants, toddlers, and children. Our well-rounded curriculum prepares children to succeed in Kindergarten and offers added bonus programs including yoga, cooking, science, gym, swimming and an opportunity to learn a second language.

  • The Kidsplace program serves as an option for before- or after-school care providing social, educational and recreational activities for school-aged children.

  • The Butler Special Needs Center provides recreational, educational and social opportunities for individuals living with special needs after school and on weekends.

  • Various parent-child programs, babysitting services (day and evening), special programs when public school is closed and enrichment classes for toddlers, youth and teens are offered throughout the year.


A Place Where Children Flourish

When you walk through our doors, your family is invited into a vibrant, welcoming learning community where children 3 months through 5 years are happy, have friends, develop self-confidence and learn everything to succeed in Kindergarten. With over three decades of experience, no other early childhood center can match our combination of caring, expertise, modern facilities and huge offerings. We strive to ensure that your child enjoys the best possible learning and developmental experience.


Quality child care and education depends on caregiving in a friendly, loving atmosphere. Children learn and grow best in a warm, safe, nurturing environment where they are encouraged both individually and in groups to experiment and make discoveries. Our center places children by age and developmental needs. These groups function independently but cooperatively, following routines appropriate to the development of each child.

Learning occurs in a variety of ways, both planned and spontaneous. The center’s program is designed to incorporate many possibilities. We encourage children to make choices and to discuss the activities in which they have participated.

There are opportunities for age appropriate indoor and outdoor play, story time, and routines of physical caregiving, health and competence. Experiences with music & movement, athletics, swimming, arts & crafts, and language and social development are abundant.

The Monter Family Early Childhood Center provides an environment in which children and their families feel at home and comfortable. An integral part of our philosophy is that we work in partnership with families so that we support their needs, child rearing practices and family values. Our program is based on practices supported by research in Early Childhood Education. Children learn by doing. We have created an environment and curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, supports children’s individuality and provides space, materials and activities through which we guide children’s learning.

Children are engaged in experiences that promote self-worth, self-esteem and self confidence, while learning to be responsible for themselves and their actions. They are taught to cooperate with their teachers and peers, while understanding their feelings and learning to express those feelings in an appropriate manner. Children grow and feel secure while learning about the world around them.

We Give You Flexibility

At SYJCC we understand that there are challenges in raising a family and managing everyone’s busy schedules. We give you the flexibility to schedule your children according to your family’s needs. For your convenience, we offer extensive hours – open from 6:30am to 6 pm, five days a week, including many school holidays. You can choose from:

  • Days: 3,4, or 5 days
  • Hours: 4, 6.5, or 8-11 hours
  • You can even add a day when needed

No need to prepare lunch – it’s provided to your child!

An Active Learning Environment
Recent studies have confirmed what we have known for years – preschool children learn best through active exploration rather than drills and memorization. Visualize your child making friends during circle time, learning new words in a story, mixing colors while painting, experimenting in a science lab, clicking icons on a computer or Smart Board, playing in the tumbling room and more…..

Children of all ages are nurtured and will grow in their self-concept, emotional, social, language, physical and cognitive development.

Weekly specials include Swimming, Physical Education, Music & Movement, Library & S.T.E.M. Lab: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Teachers and school administrators tell us that SYJCC graduates arrive well prepared to excel in school both academically & socially.

July 2018 Activity Calendar

August 2018 Activity Calendar

2018-2019 School Year Calendar

For fees & more information contact Miriam Truss, (631)462-9800 x114


Grades K-8
September – June
Kidsplace is a fun & safe recreational program for children offered before & after school. Your child will play with friends & enjoy swim, sports, arts & crafts, homework help & much more! Breakfast, snacks & transportation are provided at no additional charge & you will be eligible for certain enrichment classes & vacation programs at a reduced cost.

For fees & more information contact Rebecca Oyer, (631)462-9800 x129




New Parent, New Baby (Birth-6 months)
Something for you & your new baby. Come meet other new parents & share your stories while making new friends.

Babycize (3-10months)
A program for parent & baby involving exercises including crawling, rocking & rolling along with songs & play.

Wiggle, Jiggle & Move (6-12 months)
Move & groove with your baby! We tumble, blow bubbles, make new friends & more!

Wee Got the Beat (6-12 months)
Little ones & their grown-ups will be led through a developmentally engaging class of musical fun!

Toddlercize (11-18 months)
Bring your toddler to a place where he/she can climb, run, jump & learn the basics of tumbling in a safe, cheerful environment.

Romp & Roll (12-24 months)
Your toddler, with you as a guide, will use equipment such as climbing ramps, mats & balancing boards that are age & size appropriate to practice newly acquired skills.

Organized Chaos (12-24 months)
Help your child develop motor & social skills & encourage self-confidence through play with their new friends.

Intro to Independence (18-30 months)
Children will enjoy activities & free play in a warm & loving atmosphere that gently introduces them to separation in a preschool setting (45 minutes with your child, 45 minutes without).

Please see Calendar for schedule and fees
For more information contact Angela Mouquin, (631)462-9800 x135



Kids Night Out
Grades K – 5

Wear your pajamas & get ready for a fun night of gym time, arts & crafts, a movie with popcorn & more.
Grades 6 – 9

Once a month have the SYJCC gym to yourself. Play organized games of basketball, whiffle ball, soccer, volleyball & more. Refreshments provided.



Birthday Parties
Offered on Sundays
Celebrate your child’s birthday at SYJCC with some great party options. Birthday parties include up to 20 children, ice cream cake from Baskin & Robbins, 15 latex balloons, paper goods & party favors. Party options include: Pool, Gym or Crafts.

For fees & more information contact Ron Hayden, (631)462-9800 x120



Inspiring Hope for Families Living with Cancer
According to the National Cancer Institute, 24% of adults diagnosed with cancer have one or more children under the age of 18. This equates to nearly 3 million children in the United States living with a parent diagnosed with cancer. Patients with young children face even greater challenges with frequent separation, diminished levels of energy, financial hardship & physical changes in a parent’s appearance due to the unwelcomed side effects of most treatments. Cancer robs a child of the chance to be “just be a kid”. Kamp Hope provides opportunities for a positive, safe, supportive & fun day that lifts the spirits of the entire family.

For more information, or to make a tax-deductible financial gift, please contact Nancy Briel: or (631)462-9800 x118



Fun with Phonics (Age 4)
Does your four-year-old need some extra practice with letter recognition & sound association? This fun one-hour program, taught by an experienced Pre-K teacher/reading specialist will be varied with puzzles, books & more. Your child will be exposed to many different activities reinforcing letters & sounds. He or she will be making an alphabet booklet to use at home.

“All Star” Sports and Movement Club (Ages 3 & 4)
“All Star” Sports and Movement Club introduces young athletes to a wide variety of sports and movement. Every week they come in with a new sport/activity. All programs are non competitive, fast paced and FUN!

Cooking with Stars (Ages 3 & 4)
Little chefs gain confidence as they participate independently in the kitchen. Counting & measuring, as well as ingredient experimentation, make math & science a natural part of every lesson. This is an independent participation class.

Petite Picassos (Ages 3 & 4)
Learn to draw and paint like Picasso with Art Teacher Amy! Experiment with watercolors, markers, oil pastels while having fun drawing animals, people and works by famous artists!

Spanish (Ages 3 & 4)
The preschool age is the perfect time to introduce a Spanish curriculum. At no other time in a child’s life is he/she as eager & capable of learning at a high rate of speed than during the ages of 3-7 years. Studies show that learning a second language comes easily & naturally. All classes are designed to provide children with innovative ways of learning while at the same time promoting fun.

Hebrew (Ages 3 & 4)
This program is designed to provide children basics of Hebrew while they are most ready to assimilate the information. We will utilize games, songs & puzzles to create an educational & fun way of learning.

Kid’s Yoga (Ages 3 & 4)
Why yoga? Incorporating yoga into your child’s experiences improves concentration & focus, enhances creativity & improves confidence, relieves anxiety & improves academic performance. Children of all abilities, including children with ADHD, improve listening & learning skills & enhance self-awareness & strengthen self-esteem.

Please see Calendar for schedule and fees
For more information contact Angela Mouquin, (631)462-9800 x135

Soccer (Ages 3 & 4)
Learn fundamental basic skills in a fun environment.

Tap (Ages 3 & 4)
Have fun learning basic tap dance steps as you prepare for your show.

Indoor Tennis (Ages 3 & 4)
Have fun learning the basics of tennis on our modified indoor/outdoor courts.

Ballet (Ages 3 & 4)
Have fun learning basic ballet steps as you prepare for your show.

Basketball (Ages 3 & 4)
Have fun learning the basics of basketball on our modified courts with low baskets.

Hip Hop (Ages 3 & 4)
Come shake what you got as you prepare for our show.

Please see Calendar for schedule and fees
For more information contact Seth Sherman, (631)462-9800 x125


Double Dutch Sunday (Grades K-5)
One of America’s favorite pastimes is coming back! Come learn how to Double Dutch with Erica Dantzler, a 2 time world champion and extra in Disney’s “Jump In”. As children progress they will learn tricks and techniques – no experience necessary! Because Double Dutch stresses both collaborative and individual performance, participants learn to work together while gaining confidence.

Dance Combo Thursday (Grades K-5)
Join our dance instructor, Laura Gautsche, on Thursdays for a combination of hip-hop, tap & ballet. Your dance star will learn hip hop and classical dance moves. During the last class you may watch as the dancers hit the stage for their recital.

Splash Ball Monday (Ages 7-12)
An introduction to water polo. To be eligible to participate children should be able to: back float, tread water & front crawl.

Mad Science Tuesday (Grades K-5)
Mad Science, the world’s leader in fun science for children, brings their exciting program to SYJCC. In this class you will learn about Fantastic Flyers, Super Structures & Under Pressure.

Martial Arts Friday (Grades K-5)
This beginner martial arts class will teach your Karate Kid self-defense basics while having a blast! An experienced instructor from the United Studios of Self Defense will help your child to build strength, balance, agility & flexibility. In addition, he/she will develop better study habits, self-confidence, perseverance, respect, self-control & so much more!

Cooking with Stars (Grades K-5)
Little chefs gain confidence as they participate independently in the kitchen. Counting & measuring, as well as ingredient experimentation, make math & science a natural part of every lesson. This is an independent participation class.

Please see Calendar for schedule and fees
For more information contact Rebecca Oyer, (631)462-9800 x129


Emunah After-School Program (Ages 5-21)
Monday – Friday, School Year
Stresses group interaction & socialization skills as well as individual gains in motor skills, speech, language & independent living skills. A typical day could include homework help, cooking classes, art projects, gym time, gardening, swimming, fitness & vocational training. Emunah runs from 3pm to 6pm Mondays – Thursdays & from 3pm – 5:30pm on Fridays. The Butler Special Needs Center follows the Commack School District calendar. If school is not in session there will also be no after-school program that day.

Weekend Programs

Life Skills Club (Ages 15-25)
A program for teens & young adults looking to increase independence & prepare to enter the workforce. Participants will learn & practice pre-vocational/vocational skills, ADL’s & basic cooking skills. Participants will be encouraged & aided in socializing with their peers & advocating for their needs.

Saturday Night Teen Lounge (Ages 12-21)
Join us for a night of fun! At Teen Lounge we swim, play video games, shoot hoops, create arts & crafts, watch a movie & more!

Teen & Tween Social Group (Ages 12-21)
Join our recreational group for teens & tweens with learning differences & special needs. Led by trained staff, participants will build social, self-advocacy & effective communication skills while engaged in recreational activities with others.

Sunday Lunch Bunch (Ages 12-21)
Join us for lunch! We will help prepare a delicious lunch to enjoy as a group. Participants learn to clean, cook & work together as a team.

Please see Calendar for schedule and fees
For more information contact Elizabeth Haft, (631)462-9800 x142


Holiday Programs (Grades K-8)
(Most school holiday closings)
Your answer to what to do with your child during school break. Children are grouped by age & participate in a number of activities including day trips, assembly programs, gym activities, swim & crafts.

Holiday Programs Extended Day (Grades K-8)
Need some extra coverage for your child during school break? Sign up for extended day to add to the holiday program experience.

Please see Calendar for schedule and fees
For more information contact Ron Hayden, (631)462-9800 x120