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With Jonathan Geffner
A Yiddish scholar, teacher, and translator. He has a B.A. in Yiddish language and literature and has taught Yiddish classes for adults and children in many places.

Students will learn the basics of useful Yiddish conversation, and pronunciations as well as a familiarity with dialect differences. Topics covered will be, personal introductions, family relationships, eating, drinking, traveling, visiting, activities, professions, hobbies, vacations, emotions, idiomatic expressions and phrases, and more! This program is geared to beginners but those who have a rudimentary knowledge of Yiddish will benefit from it as well.

To Register: https://operations.daxko.com/Online/5200/ProgramsV2/OfferingDetails.mvcprogram_id=TMP8074&offering_id=SES108735&location_id=B49


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