The Census impacts everything that affects us: from the basic building blocks of healthy communities – schools, hospitals, food programs, emergency services, and infrastructure – to the number of government representatives we elect. Census results are used to determine the number of seats each state gets in Congress, draw boundaries for voting districts, and determine how more than $675 BILLION in Federal funding is spent in our local communities EACH YEAR. In order to receive our fair share of funding and representation for years to come, we must ensure that every single Long Islander is counted in the 2020 Census.


Do your part by completing the 2020 Census.

Together, we can ensure that every Long Islander is counted


To complete the Census by phone, dial 1-844-330-2020

To complete the Census by mail:

  • Did you receive a full questionnaire? Fill it out and mail it in.

  • Just wait. The Census will soon send questionnaires to those who haven’t responded.

  • Why wait? You can fill it out by phone or online right now.



Concerned about Census scams? Click here


If you need help, contact the SYJCC Census Outreach Project email: or call 631-462-9800 x151.

To preview the questionnaire, click here

To respond in languages other than English:

How is our community doing? Click here for interactive Census map.


What’s next?

I completed the questionnaire. What more can I do?

  • Share on your facebook page, in facebook groups, on Instagram, etc.
  • Challenge 5 friends or family members to be counted TODAY! Then tell them to challenge 5 others.
  • Offer to help others respond online or by phone.
  • Volunteer for SYJCC’s Census Outreach: contact Sheila Goloboy at

Tip: If you complete the Census now, no Census workers will knock on your door later.

To learn more about the Census

Official U.S. Census Website:

Long Island Census Initiative

NPR Article “10 Census Facts that Bust Common Myths About The 2020 U.S. Head Count”