Alan & Helene Rosenberg Jewish Discovery Museum


The Alan & Helene Rosenberg Jewish Discovery Museum is a hands-on museum where children & their families can experience the joy & fun of learning about Jewish life, history, values, traditions & heroes, as well as Israel & the Hebrew language. The interactive displays are designed to transform visitors into participants, offering adults & children a unique opportunity to discover the wonders of their Jewish heritage.

2023-2024 Theme:

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From Ancient Times to Modern Day Israel – In Celebration of Israel’s 75th Birthday!

As the Israelites entered the Promised Land, they faced many challenges in becoming Am Echad– Uniting the Twelve Tribes into One Nation while facing common enemies.

The nation grew and prospered…
but fell to more powerful conquerors, the people of Israel were dispersed all over the world…
More than 2000 years later, the dream of return to the Promised Land slowly became a reality…

This exhibit will introduce students & visitors to the Heroes of Ancient Times side by side with Heroes of Modern Day Israel.


Joshua The Leader & Moshe Dayan | The Israelite Spies & Chana Senesh
Samson the Brave & Yoni Netanyahu | Deborah the Prophetess & Golda Meir
King David & David Ben Gurion | King Solomon & Benjamin Zeev Herzl

Family or Group Reservations are available

$8 per visitor