Wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Our goal is to inspire and impress upon our members and the community to choose themselves and guide them to maintaining a healthy way of life. The Suffolk Y JCC is thrilled to be offering accountability packages and programs to YOU; to help maximize every individuals’ success and happiness.


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The Suffolk YJCC is excited to announce that they are now offering Nutrition Counseling and Wellness Services with our onsite Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists (RDNs). These services will provide support and guidance to help you learn how to eat healthy as well as set up and achieve overall health and wellness goals through diet and healthy lifestyle changes. Some areas that we specialize in include but are not limited to:

· Sports Nutrition to improve your performance.

· Establish a healthy and realistic body weight.

· Manage medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

· Implement dietary lifestyle changes including gluten free living high fiber and the Mediterranean diet.


  • Option 1: 60 Minute Coaching Session $80
    Nutrition Counseling and Wellness Service Session is a 60-minute comprehensive 1:1 review of your health history, eating and lifestyle habits. During the initial session, the RDN will obtain personal data to establish a desirable and achievable healthy body weight. From this, we will provide you with an individualized nutrition plan and together establish and set realistic and attainable lifestyle foals.
  • Option 2: 60 Minute Coaching + 30 Minute Follow-Up Session $140
    Comprehensive 1:1 review of your health history eating lifestyle and habits plus follow-up sessions makes sure you are staying on track with your established goals. Additional counseling and dietary advice will be provided and supported with take home educational tools and meal planning tips.
  • Bundle: Nutritional Coaching Package $300
    Includes a 60-minute initial coaching session and four 30-minute follow-up sessions.

To purchase any of the above options or package, please


Alex Weinmuller

Jodi Levine, MS, RDN, CDN, ACE Certified Health Coach, and Registered Dietician

With over 25+ years of experience as a registered dietitian in the Nutrition field, Jodi Levine is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthy lifestyles by emphasizing the pivotal role of food and exercise. Her unwavering passion for nutrition has driven her career, which began in the hospital setting as a chief clinical dietitian collaborating with various healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive nutrition education for overall health improvement.

Currently, Jodi serves as the Director of Nutrition at Suffolk County Community College, where she has spent more than 25 years educating and inspiring hundreds of students and community members about the principles of healthy eating and nutrition across all stages of life. Her expertise lies in weight control and sports nutrition, and she consistently clarifies nutrition concepts and controversies with evidence-based scientific research.

When you engage with Jodi, she will skillfully guide you in developing a personalized and sustainable approach to healthy eating. Her ultimate goal is to help you achieve overall well-being through positive lifestyle changes, with a focus on nutrition, one step at a time. In addition to her dedication to the field of nutrition, Jodi is a Certified Spin Instructor and leads various exercise classes at the SYJCC, demonstrating her commitment to holistic health.

During her leisure time, Jodi indulges in her love for cooking and creates nourishing recipes to share with others. She firmly believes that there is no such thing as a restrictive diet and aims to show you how all foods can fit into your life by understanding your body’s specific nutrient needs.

To contact Jodi, please email [email protected]

Ann Miller

Michelle Mock, MPH, RDN, CDN ;Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Michelle received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics, Food, & Nutrition at CUNY Lehman College in the Bronx and her graduate degree in Public Health Nutrition at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She has worked in many of the major hospital centers in the New York City area, in ambulatory care centers specializing in Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Infectious Diseases, and cancer. She has previously worked with individuals living with HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and other Endocrine Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disease, Immune System Disorders, and Weight Management.

Michelle has vast nutrition experience. She has served as an adjunct professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at SUNY Suffolk Community College and at CUNY LaGuardia Community College. In the fall of 2013, she taught a graduate seminar class at Queens College on Nutrition and Disabilities. Michelle worked as the Nutrition Coordinator at NYU Langone Health’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities (IWD). Her time at the IWD helped to deepen her understanding of food and eating as a source of healing and an avenue to optimize health and wellness. Most recently, Michelle worked as the Registered Dietitian at NYU Langone Health’s Perlmutter Cancer Center- Huntington. In this role, she was able to call upon her years of experience in diverse settings to support patients using nutrition as a means to maximize well-being.

Michelle is passionate about the use of food as the primary medicine to help heal the body. Guided by this passion, her philosophy is that the body has an intuitive knowledge on how to use the ingredients provided from food for optimal health. She has a strong clinical background that provides the base for her practice in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

To contact Michelle, please email [email protected]