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A NEW initiative connecting new Jewish parents.

Becoming a new parent is a time of extraordinary joy as you welcome your new baby into your home – and into your life.


SWADDLE is a resource for expectant and new parents, offering programs and resources in our community that can build connections and friendships now and for the future.

SWADDLE also offers opportunities to participate in Jewish life-cycle rituals related to pregnancy, birth and newborn care.


The postpartum/postnatal period (first 6-8 weeks after birth) is a time of dramatic changes for both the mother and her baby. Many parents experience physical, mental, and emotional changes during this period, as they did throughout their pregnancy. For most parents, it is a time of joy as they experience the miracle of welcoming a new baby into the home. At times, the birthing and postpartum period can also be challenging. Physical recovery, adjustment to feeding a newborn, sleeping difficulties, mood changes, and more can all impact the overall wellness of the mother and newborn.

To help minimize postpartum adjustment difficulties, UJA, together with the Suffolk Y JCC, have launched SWADDLE:
a new initiative connecting parents with pre-birth and postpartum doulas who provide education and support for
the physical and emotional challenges of new parenthood.



— Doulas can support mothers and families pre-birth and postpartum
— Birth Doulas act as advocates for mothers, encouraging and helping her obtain specific goals she might have for her birth
— Doulas are professional baby swaddlers
— Postpartum doulas offer breastfeeding support and education
— Postpartum doulas help with newborn care and instruction


two moms in the pool holding their toddlers

Sharon Penn, CBD, CBE, MEd, OT
■ Certified Birth Doula (CBD), LIDA
■ Certified Birth Educator (CBE), LIDA
■ Treasurer, Long Island Doula Association

With over 15 years of experience as a doula and birth educator, Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge to expectant parents preparing for labor and birth. Her focus is ensuring parents have the knowledge and education needed to make informed decisions, allowing for an empowering birth experience and smooth transition from pregnancy and delivery to the postpartum period.

two moms in the pool holding their toddlers

Avrey Mischke
■ Certified Child Birth Educator, Birth &
Beyond Resources
■ Certified Birth Doula & Postpartum Birth &
Beyond Resources and LIDA
■ Certified Lactation Support Counselor

Working as a full-time birth and postpartum doula, Avrey provides a continuum of care to her clients. She is passionate about forming connections with new parents, while providing them the tools and knowledge needed to adjust to the postpartum period and becoming a parent. She particularly enjoys assisting parents with the transition from 1-2 (or more) children.

two moms in the pool holding their toddlers

Stacey LaCarrubba
■ Certified Birth Doula, Birth & Beyond Resources
■ Certified Postpartum Doula, Birth & Beyond Resources

As a certified birth and postpartum doula, Stacey is passionate about educating families throughout their perinatal and postpartum journeys. Stacey believes that knowledge is power and feels that all families should have access to evidence-based care that will help them through the unexpected challenges that may arise during labor and birth.

two moms in the pool holding their toddlers

Regina Iaccarino, CD(DONA),PCD(DONA), CLC
■ Certified Birth Doula, DONA
■ Certified Postpartum Doula, DONA
■ Certified Lactation Counselor

Regina has over 20 years of experience working as a birth and postpartum doula, as well as a lactation educator. As a birth professional, her focus is on postpartum care and supporting families in their lactation journey by getting breastfeeding and lactation off to a good start and being available for families the first night home and beyond.


Become part of our SWADDLE community!

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For questions or to learn more, please contact 631-462-9800, x112 or email [email protected]